Vijesh Rana is doing two south movies after “kandahar”

Vijesh Rana, new face with bright future prov his talent in kandahar  . Born and brought up at Palampur, Vijesh Rana completed his studies, just to please his parents. He has always been interested in acting. Even from his tender age he has been dreaming of becoming a Film Star. At the age of 16 he accepted acting in Honsla, a TV serial for DD-1. At that time he was student of 10th standard. “For me this was an Acting Academy. I was able to learn all about acting, expressions, voice modulation, dialogue delivery, floor manners and facing the single-eyed ghost, called Movie camera. It has given me the confidence which is a ‘must’ for successful actor” says Vijesh Rana.

He has also been doing Print Ads for various products. To get himself fully prepared for Bollywood acting, he had participated and performed in many videos in Himachal and Punjab. He can freely speak in Hindi, Punjabi, Himachali and English. He is ready to work in the films of all these languages. His six video albums are the witness and the proof of his sofa carbeing a gifted actor.
Being adventurous by nature and having a great ambition to be a leading man of Bollywood blockbusters, he has also learnt Martial Arts and got black belt in Kung Fu, swimming, horse riding, skating and even ice skating, besides his favorite fame fast driving. Now he is capable of doing each and every trick or action, which a leading man of the Hindi Films is supposed to do. At the same time he has a one year experience of participating in stage shows as an actor.
Last year in November, a Modeling Competition was held in Mumbai, under the title of Jevrinsh Mega Model Hunt in which 500 Models had participated. Vijesh Rana found himself floating in cloud – 9, when he got the distinction of getting 9th position out of 500 contestants. His success was celebrated at Palampur by his friends and well wisher, in a big way. He is fond of reading books about acting, spiritualism, Bhagwat Geeta and he has made a small mandir in a corner of his residence. He has been signed to play the leading role in a Telugu Film and he has been offered three leading assignments in Hindi for which he will make his decision. movies of Vijesh Rana :KANDAHAR MALAYALAM MOVIE(NEGATIVE ROLE)

From film kandhaar

From film kandhaar

vijesh rana south movie-009 vijesh rana south movie-013 vijesh rana south movie-004 malayalam-movie-kandahar-wallpapers-mohanlal vijesh rana south movie vijesh rana and alok nath vijesh rana in juhu after parking his car vijesh rana (2)


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